U.S. Open Championship 2022

Host Agreement with USGA - U.S. Open Championship

The Country Club, Brookline June 2022

Town Administrator’s Presentation to the Select Board

July 27, 2021


Brookline U.S. Open Dates

Brookline U.S. Open Past Champions

Brookline Golf History

Why Host the US Open?

  • To Celebrate Brookline’s Unique History and Tradition of Golf

  • TCC is a Charter Member of the USGA and host to many prominent tournaments over time
  • Famed 1913 US Open that elevated the popularity of golf in the United States led by young amateur player Francis Ouimet from Brookline
  • Was host to the famous 1999 Ryder Cup

  • To Generate Economic Activity

  • Local businesses will be used and local residents will have opportunities to volunteer and work
  • Excise taxes will be generated on hotels and meals

  • To Improve Municipal Property

  • Long term improvements will be combined with restoration for temporary use

  • To Create Community Excitement and Benefits

  • Funding for community based non profits, programming for youth and other events
  • Ensure that the tournament will reflect Brookline’s values of equity and sustainability

Major Elements of the Agreement

  • Provision of Municipal Services

  • Public Safety and Traffic Control
  • Licensing for Food and Beverage
  • Building Permits for Temporary Structures and Services

  • Use of Municipal Property

  • Putterham Golf Course
  • Larz Anderson Park
  • DPW Landfill Facility

Community Benefits

  • Brookline preference for volunteers, employment and commerce
  • Ticket packages for community fund raising
  • Merchandising partnership
  • Special programming

Provision of Municipal Services

  • Public Safety and Traffic Control

  • Police/fire personnel funded by USGA through private duty detail program/rate
  • EMS partner Fallon Ambulance contracted by USGA separately
  • Public Safety command post in clubhouse fed/state/local presence (possible funding)
  • Required DPW personnel funded by USGA at 1.5 of relevant contract rates

  • Traffic Management Plan

  • Developed in coordination with Town using Howard Stein Hudson/Tom Tinlin

  • Licenses and Permits

    • Town and USGA to negotiate consolidated permit fee based on volume of activity
      • Food and beverage
      • Building permits

Use of Municipal Property:

  • To provide for facilities, staging, parking and patron access

  • Attachment A describes location and purposes of access
    • Internal parking, network compound, public safety command post
  • Temporary road construction for two weeks beginning in November 2021
  • Non exclusive pre/post tournament access for staging from June 1 to June 9 and from June 21 to June 30
  • Exclusive tournament access June 10 June 20.
  • Town Administrator discretion during inclement weather

  • Terms

  • Reimbursement of all lost revenue in June of 2022, including greens fees, cart/club rentals, driving range, concessions and merchandise sales ($250,000 --$350,000). USGA will facilitate partial course use to offset this loss
  • $150,000 rental fee
  • Repair/improvements to all areas used by USGA

  • Hospitality Venue

  • USGA commits to allow Town to host oversubscribed hospitality opportunities at market rates

Use of Municipal Property:
Larz Anderson

  • To provide for pre ticketed parking and a shuttle/drop off area

  • Attachment C describes location and purposes of access
    • Up to 600 parking spaces on grass area and certain paved areas. Different footprint and scale from the Ryder Cup
    • Shuttle depot/drop off
  • Non exclusive pre/post tournament access for staging from June 6 to June 12 and from June 21 to June 24
  • Exclusive use of licensed premises from June 13 June 20. All other areas of the Park will be open to the public.
  • Town Administrator discretion during inclement weather

  • Terms

  • $50,000 rental fee
  • $100,000 contribution (cash or in kind) to support preferred capital project
  • Repair/improvements to all areas used by USGA

Issues Related to Larz Anderson Park Use

  • USGA Need to Accommodate “Staff” Parking and its Attendee Shuttle Program

  • Efforts to secure other nearby locations have been met
  • Historical use and expectations
  • Temporary and infrequent (last tournament was in 1999)

  • Management of Larz Anderson Park During Tournament Week

  • Challenges of enforcement of parking, drop off and other activity if no organized program

  • Financial Benefits

  • If not “sufficient” what is?

Brookline U.S. Open Use

Use of Municipal Property:
DPW Transfer Station Area

  • To stage equipment and materials for delivery to TCC

  • Attachment B
  • Phased between March 1 through July 31

US Open Community Benefits

  • Economic Impact

  • Priority Brookline Business Program (hotels and restaurants)
  • Priority Employment and Volunteer Program for Brookline residents
  • Excise taxes on food, drink and hotel rooms
  • General tourism

  • Merchandising

  • Authority to sell official USGA merchandise (no Internet sales)
  • 20% royalty with $100,000 guaranteed net profit
  • Town banner

  • Community Programming

  • Community Partnership Committee Town of Brookline and The Country Club
  • Use of complimentary ticket packages for community fundraising ($120,000 face value)
  • Programming community events

  • Other

  • Community values racial equity and environmental sustainability
  • Long term relationship between the Town and TCC (example Brookline Youth Fund)

Community Partnership Committee

  • Authorized by the Select Board

  • Joint leadership and membership from Town and TC C

  • TCC membership reflects community investment and diversity
  • Town membership represents multiple interests/values
  • Select Board liaison role

  • Chaired jointly by the Town and TCC

  • Ken Goldstein and Kate Leness
  • Supported b y senior staff of each organization

  • Advocate and support aspects of the Agreement with USGA relating to community benefits and community values

  • Develop community programming and excitement around the US Open

  • Work to build long term relationships and a framework for future events at TCC

Next Phase

  • Community Partnership Committee Process

  • Refinement of Use and Restoration Plan for Municipal Property

  • Development of Traffic Plans and Event Logistics

  • Thank you’s

  • Staff (Recreation Director Leigh Jackson and Golf Director Justin Lawson,
  • Associate Town Counsel Michael Downey)
  • DPW, Police and Fire, Building and Health departments
  • Ken Goldstein
  • Paul Saner and Ken Lewis

Presentation of USGA Agreement (pdf)