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1. What is the USGA (United States Golf Association)?
2. What is the U.S. Open Championship?
3. What is the format for the U.S. Open?
4. Will the U.S. Open be on television?
5. Where can I buy official 2022 U.S. Open Championship logoed gear?
6. What is the U.S. Open Community Partnership Committee and what is its role?
7. Who are the members that sit on the CPC?
8. What is the USGA’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) plan?
9. Larz Anderson Park – How is it being utilized for the championship?
10. Larz Anderson Park – How will people walk to the championship grounds from the park?
11. Larz Anderson Park – Can I access the park during the week of the U.S. Open? If so, where do I park?
12. Robert T. Lynch Municipal Golf Course – How is the golf course being utilized for the championship?
13. Robert T. Lynch Municipal Golf Course – Can I access the golf course the week of the U.S. Open?
14. Robert T. Lynch Municipal Golf Course – I live nearby and I am attending the championship. Can I park or walk through Brookline Golf Course to access the championship grounds?
15. Is the Town of Brookline being compensated for the USGA’s use of Larz Anderson Park & Brookline Golf Course?
16. Will there be construction starting in the Fall of 2021?
17. When does construction begin in earnest in 2022?
18. How long does teardown take?
19. Who is responsible for the permitting efforts?
20. I am a local neighbor, what can I suspect in terms of lighting?
21. I am a local neighbor, what can I suspect in terms of noise?
22. Is the USGA / U.S. Open being held accountable for its sustainability practices?
23. What is the USGA’s sustainability plan?
24. What is the USGA doing to support sustainability within the greater golf industry?
25. What is the USGA’s commitment to the Town of Brookline to establish a Priority Program for local businesses?
26. Who is the USGA working with to define the Priority Program?
27. What is the USGA doing to address supplier diversity?
28. I am looking for part-time work. How do I get involved with the U.S. Open Championship?
29. How will the U.S. Open impact my local business?
30. What is the economic impact a U.S. Open has on the local and regional communities?
31. Can I use the U.S. Open, USGA, and/or The Country Club’s logos for advertising or publicity for my business?
32. Where will fans stay during the U.S. Open?
33. Can I rent my home during the week of the U.S. Open?
34. What is the philosophical approach to the 2022 U.S. Open parking & transportation plan?
35. Will there be road closures? When will I know if my street/neighborhood will be impacted by U.S. Open traffic?
36. Will public services, school buses, mail delivery, etc. be impacted by the Limited Access Plan?
37. Will I be able to walk to the championship if I live close by?
38. MBTA / Mass Transit
39. Ride Share
40. General Parking Information
41. Bicycles
42. Services for Fans with Disabilities
43. Which agency will oversee the public safety plan for the U.S. Open?
44. What is the USGA doing to address public safety?
45. What is the Prohibited Items list for the U.S. Open?
46. Am I allowed to bring a Mobile Device to the U.S. Open?
47. Where can I purchase tickets for the U.S. Open?
48. What is the Junior Ticket Policy?
49. What is the Military Ticket Policy?
50. I purchased tickets. When will I receive them and who should I direct ticket questions to? Can I give my ticket to someone else?
51. Can I buy my tickets through a third-party reseller?
52. When and how do I volunteer for the U.S. Open?
53. Was there an advance or priority program established for Brookline residents to volunteer?
54. Why does it cost money to be a volunteer?
55. What does the volunteer apparel package consist of?
56. What is the time commitment for volunteering? What is the volunteer timeline moving forward?
57. Can I be scheduled at the same time as my spouse, friend, etc.?
58. If I am no longer able to volunteer, may I receive a refund?
59. Do volunteers receive a family/friend ticket with their volunteer credential?
60. Will volunteers be able to leave feedback once the championship has concluded?