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Town of Brookline MA Program Evaluation * MLK Celebration Committee 2016

  1. Thank you for coming and for answering a few questions. Responses are anonymous unless you would like to be involved in creating future events or want be added to an email list to be notified of additional programs in 2016 and in future years.
  2. Did you attend the 2016 MLK Celebration at the Coolidge Corner Theater?
  3. Did you watch the 2016 MLK celebration on line rather than attend in person?
  4. Would you please rate the different components of today’s program? Circling 1 indicates strong dislike; circling 5 conveys greatest satisfaction.
  5. A. Musical selections performed by BHS singing groups (choose a number)
  6. B. Selected poems read by local poets (Choose a number)
  7. C. BHS Student original poem performance (Choose a number)
  8. D. Keynote address (Choose a number)
  9. E. Discussion with residents facilitated by keynote speaker (Choose a number)
  10. F. If you participated in MLK Day of service, please rate the experience (circle a number)
  11. Get involved!
  12. The MLK celebration committee welcomes input from Brookline residents – help us understand your interests and experience.
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