What are Green Dog Liaisons?
Green Dog Liaisons are residents who frequently visit a particular park and have volunteered to be a liaison between our office and other dog owners and park users. Most of our parks with off-leash hours have liaisons. When appropriate, we will pass on comments, complaints, etc. that we receive to the liaison(s) for that park. The liaisons can then inform other users of any problems, positive feedback, or updates. This system allows for information to get to park users very quickly and smoothly and helps keep the Green Dog Program successful.

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1. How do I register and sign up for the Green Dog Program?
2. Why do I need to pay a fee to participate?
3. Where can I take my dog off-leash and how were the off-leash hours and parks determined?
4. I visited a park during off-leash hours, but was told my dog had to be on-leash. Why is this?
5. I visited a park during off-leash hours, but the park was closed. Why is this?
6. My usual park is closed for renovations, or due to field conditions. Where can I go with my dog?
7. Why doesn’t Brookline have a dog park, so dogs can always be off-leash?
8. Why are there no evening off-leash hours?
9. Could off-leash hours or parks change in the future?
10. I’m a dog walker. Can I bring my clients to play and exercise off-leash?
11. Can my friends and visitors bring their dogs to play off-leash in Brookline?
12. Why do I need to license my dog?
13. What are Green Dog Liaisons?
14. Why do I have to pick up after my dog?
15. I saw an aggressive dog in a park. What should I do?
16. How do I report a violation of off-leash hours or other dog issues?
17. How do I find out more information or make suggestions about the program?