Why is Brookline considering adoption of the code?
In Brookline, over 60% of greenhouse gases emitted result from energy use in buildings. A stronger energy code would require buildings to be more energy efficient, thereby reducing the amount of electricity, natural gas, and fuel oil used and the emission of greenhouse gases.

In recent years, energy costs have risen significantly for residents and commercial property owners. While it usually makes financial sense for a property owner to take steps to improve the energy efficiency of homes and buildings, these improvements often are not implemented for a wide array of reasons. Standards can be an effective means of spurring the consideration and implementation of energy efficiency measures, reducing costs for current and future owners and renters, and mitigating energy costs for residents and the costs of doing business.

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1. What is the stretch energy code appendix?
2. How is the stretch energy code different than the existing energy code?
3. Why did the commonwealth add the stretch energy code option to the state building code?
4. How would it be adopted by Brookline?
5. Why is Brookline considering adoption of the code?
6. If Brookline adopts the stretch energy code, when does it go into effect?
7. If the state is making the statewide energy code more stringent, why should Brookline adopt the stretch energy code?
8. What are some of the expected benefits to a municipality of a more stringent energy code?