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February 10, 2021
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Location: Meeting ID: 829 2155 0095 Passcode: 321165 (646) 558 8656 Meeting ID: 829 2155 0095 Passcode: 321165
Brookline, MA 02445
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Pedestrian Advisory Committee, via zoom

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Pedestrian Advisory Committee Meeting

February 10, 2021  7 PM  Remote via Zoom    Meeting ID:  829 2155 0095   Passcode: 321165

(646) 558 8656                Meeting ID:  829 2155 0095               Passcode: 321165

  1. Public Comment Period for Issues Not on the Agenda
  2. Review and Approval of Minutes of January 13, 2021 Meeting
    1. (7:10 pm) Safety & Facilitation Issues at Construction Sites

Discussion and possible vote on draft joint memo from Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committees on construction site hazards to cyclists and pedestrians

  1. (7:40pm) Encroaching Hedges Project – Status Update, Next Steps

Additional steps to identify potential locations of encroaching hedges, inspect those locations, create list of confirmed current problem spots

Follow-up on steps being taken by the Department of Public Works, ADA Coordinator, and Commission on Disability

  1. (8:10pm) Brookline Sidewalks and Winter Snow Removal

Review of Committee observations after recent snowstorms

Tentative: Report from review of BrookONline reports (Marissa Vogt)

Identification of key issues, next steps for our Committee

  1. (8:30pm) Review of Pending or Potential Activities for our Committee

Transportation Division Requests or Expectations

Input to DPW’s process for updating the Pavement Management Plan (PMP)

Identifying priority intersections for implementing “Daylighting”[1]

A pedestrian equivalent of the Green Routes Plan for bicycles


Understanding how BrookONline requests are routed, status definitions, etc.

Illegally parked cars completely blocking sidewalks, e.g., from tandem parking in residential driveways (a major handicapped accessibility issue)

Inventory/ assessment of sidewalk conditions for PMP

Community outreach and education about pedestrian issues, facilities

Potential pedestrian improvements in a redesigned Washington Street

Identifying specific crosswalks needing repainting, other improvements

Reviewing & analyzing new Town sources of data on pedestrian activity

Ongoing follow-up on Committee’s walk signal recommendations

  1. (8:50pm) Committee Housekeeping Concerns

Next meeting:  March 10, 2020

Future topic: Tracking Committee recommendations not yet acted on

  1. New business

NOTE:  Time estimates below are GUESSES, and may not accurately represent timing or length of topics

[1] Daylighting = prohibiting parking within a certain distance approaching a crosswalk