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Feb 04

Housing Production Plan

Posted on February 4, 2016 at 3:53 PM by Joe Viola

The Town of Brookline has begun a process to produce a Housing Production Plan.  For those unfamiliar with the purpose of a Housing Production Plan, the plan is meant to act as a guide to inform the Town’s decisions about how it can be proactive in creating affordable and mixed-income housing.  In Brookline’s case, the “how” of being proactive will be balanced with the equally important question of “where” it makes sense to grow, as Town-wide context will be given due consideration. 

The HPP process presents an opportunity for the Town of Brookline to thoroughly examine the interconnectedness of demographic changes and ever-changing housing market conditions.  A completed HPP will help Town leaders, policy makers and residents understand this relationship and how best to strike a path toward meeting the current and future housing needs of the community.

In the future, a completed HPP will guide decision makers as they look to allocate Town-controlled resources for the production of new housing, the preservation of existing housing or as they contemplate where it makes sense to revise zoning to meet identified housing needs. 

Housing Production Plans, which are submitted to the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development for approval, are required to contain the following three elements:

  • An assessment of the Town’s housing needs
  • Goals to assist with meeting the needs
  • Strategies toward achieving the goals

The Town intends to undertake a thorough public process as these elements are explored.  

We hope you join us in the months ahead as the Town and its consultant team reach out to the community.  A Housing Production Plan schedule can be found here:

HPP Project Schedule