Demolition Review

The town’s Preservation Commission and Preservation Planners review full and partial demolition of all buildings in Brookline. If a building is deemed to have historic merit, the Preservation Commission may impose a stay of demolition for 12 months, or 18 months for properties listed on or eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places. The demolition delay period allows the town and the owner to discuss alternatives to demolition of the building.

Please check that Massachusetts Historical Commission’s online database, MACRIS, or contact preservation staff to determine if a property is listed on or eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

Application Process

Demolition applications are accepted via email & regular mail.  Applications must include a completed demolition application (PDF), photos of all sides of the building & payment.  Please complete an application for each structure proposed for demolition.  

All full demolitions require an application.  To determine whether an exterior renovation or addition triggers review for partial demolition, please contact Preservation Planners.  For further information on what changes constitute partial demolition please see the diagrams that illustrate common situations in partial demolition cases. 

Current Demolition Delays 

**List includes cases from FY21 forward, for information on cases not listed below please contact Preservation Planners.  Demolition case reports are also available on the Town Calendar.**

AddressDelay DatesDocuments
25 Cottage Street12/29/2020-06/29/2022Case Report
Hearing Recording
Letters to BPC
Letters to BPC
Letters to BPC
222 Warren Street12/29/2020- 06/29/2022Hearing Recording
Case Report
(for letters see 25 Cottage)
39 Cottage Street12/29/2020- 06/29.2022Hearing Recording
Case Report
83 Longwood Ave01/12/2021- 01/12/2022Case Report
153 St Paul Street8/11/2020-8/11/2021Case Report
116 Colchester Street8/25/2020- 02/25/2022
295 Kent Street8/25/2022- 02/25/2022
219 Gardner Road9/08/2020- 09/08/2021
63-65 Green Street10/27/2020- 10/27/2021