Wetlands Protection

Wetlands Protection

Wetlands in Brookline are protected by the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act (WPA) as well as the Brookline Wetlands Protection By-Law.

WPA & Regulations

For complete information about the state WPA and associated regulations, please visit the following links:

Brookline Wetlands Protection By-Law

The Wetlands Protection By-Law (PDF) provides protection for water and wetland resources in Brookline that are unprotected, or not adequately protected, by existing state law. Enactment of a local wetlands by-law was recommended in both the Comprehensive Plan and the Open Space Plan.

The Wetlands Protection By-Law provides protection for isolated wetlands larger than 2,500 square feet, for vernal pools, and for intermittent streams, none of which are protected under the state WPA. It also increases the buffer zone around wetlands to 150 feet. Alterations that are proposed in the buffer zone require review from the Conservation Commission to ensure that they will not adversely impact the wetland area. The by-law provides significant benefit to the town's storm water management program, and protects wildlife habitat as well as open space.

Brookline Wetlands Regulations

The Brookline Wetlands Regulations (PDF) were promulgated by the Conservation Commission in support of the Wetlands Protection By-Law, as permitted by law. The regulations do not in any way invalidate, alter or modify the Wetlands Protection By-Law.

Instructions for Filing for Wetlands Permits

If you are filing under both the Massachusetts WPA and the Brookline Wetlands By-Law (BWB), or under only the WPA, please use the state forms above.

If you are filing under only the BWB, please contact us at 617-730-2088 for further information and instructions.

Project Regulations Apply

Note that projects subject to the WPA are also subject to the WPA Regulations and projects subject to the BWB are also subject to the Brookline Wetlands Regulations.

Please contact us at 617-730-2088 if you have any questions.