Brookline Water & Sewer

Main Line Valves along MWRA Sections, 78, 95, and 100 will be exercised during the month of November 2021. This work may cause discolored water at the meter listed below.

Meter- 157 / Pressure Zone- SEH /Location- Newton St- Pump Station






                       MWRA COVID-19 Notice on Wipes

If you are using any type of wipe (whether or not it says “flushable”), please do not flush them down the toilet.

These items can clog your household plumbing, the pipes in the street and the critical equipment at the treatment plant. Products that might seem safe to flush down the toilet, such as personal care wipes, dental floss and paper towels, don’t dissolve quickly – or at all – in water. Remember that wipes clog pipes!

 In the meantime, please make sure to dispose of personal care products, cleaning supplies and other household waste properly: in the trash can, in the recycling bin or at your local household hazardous waste disposal site.



If a final bill is needed for a closing please email:  with the following information:     

  • Property address being sold
  • Date of the closing 
  • New owners name (mailing address if different than property)

A final bill will then be emailed 48-72hrs before the closing date. A final will only be issued if the entire property is being sold. 



All address/name changes must be received in writing. Please e-mail the request to: . You may also mail this request to:   

 Brookline Town Hall

Water & Sewer Department

333 Washington Street

Brookline MA 02445

Link below to view/pay your Water & Sewer bill    Invoice Cloud- Water & Sewer

Attention Water & Sewer Customers

AquaHawk-sign-up Opens in new window

Your water supplier, Town of Brookline, encourages you to use the new, free AquaHawk Customer Portal so you are better equipped to reduce your water use.

  • View consumption over a period of time – see your water consumption daily.
  • Recognize possible leaks more quickly.
  • Take control of your water use. With AquaHawk you don’t have to wait for your bill to see how much water you use for everyday activities. You’ll see how you’re doing, not how you did.
  • Set your own personal thresholds and receive text or email alerts.
  • Register at

All you need is your name, phone number, email address, and your account number.


If you have received a door hanger, please be advised that it is not from the Local Water Department, or the MWRA. For more information please follow the link below.

Water Division

The Water Division is responsible for maintaining and operating the municipal water distribution system in accordance with industry standards promulgated by the American Water Works Association and all applicable state and federal regulations. The goals of the division are to provide adequate and reliable water for domestic use and fire protection while promoting the health, safety, and welfare of the community.

Sewer Division

The Sewer Division is responsible for maintaining and operating the municipal sewer and surface water drain systems in accordance with all applicable state, federal, and Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) regulations for the collection and discharge of wastewater.