Training Division

Division Goals & Responsibilities

The goal or the Training Division is to provide the best possible training for everyone in the department, regardless of rank, so that each person will operate at their maximum performance level. Responsibilities of the Training Division include:

Drill Tower and Ladder
  • Coordinating firefighter EMT certification
  • Coordinating injury prevention and investigation programs
  • Coordinating state level satellite training programs
  • Developing training programs for in-station training by the officers at each station
  • Instructing newly recruited firefighters in a basic 10-week training course
  • Maintaining all department training records
  • Maintaining each member's first responder certification
  • Promoting the uniformed personnel's development of required skills, knowledge, and abilities to provide hands-on training at Brookline's Fire Academy
  • Providing training in inspections
  • Providing training for those members of officer rank
  • Testing new fire-fighting equipment and techniques

Fire Academy

To deliver these services, a Fire Academy consisting of a 6-story drill tower, along with associated buildings, is provided at the Hammond Street site with a staff of a deputy chief, captain, and lieutenant.

Training Excercise
Training Academy