Fire Suppression (Firefighting) Division


The Fire Suppression Division responsibilities include to:

  • Maintain EMT staffed fire companies and perform other emergency services requiring the trained and properly equipped personnel
  • Perform effective rescues when necessary
  • Perform in-service inspections and pre-fire planning
  • Prevent fires and extinguish fires should they occur
House on Fire

Equipment & Personnel

To deliver these services, 7 fire companies, 5 engines, 2 ladder trucks, and associated support and reserve equipment are housed in 5 fire stations. The assigned staff total 147 individuals, including 4 deputy chiefs, 7 captains, 21 lieutenants, and 115 firefighters.

Goals of the Division

Programs of tactics and strategy are developed to anticipate and prepare the appropriate response required at emergencies. The goals of the Firefighting Division are to improve in-service inspection and training, and to deliver trained emergency fire companies to the scene of an incident within 4 minutes with sufficient resources to cope with emergencies.