Community Engagement

What is Community Engagement?

 Community Engagement is an approach to decision‐making that prioritizes inclusion of the greater community through information‐sharing and relationship‐building.  From the community member’s point of view, community engagement in the Town of Brookline means having greater access to, and involvement in, decisions that affect your life.   The Town of Brookline’s government structure is designed to bring together individuals and groups of community members to communicate and work together, often in committees1, with Town staff who work in departments. Community engagement will work within this structure to open it to more participants and deepen the relationships and trust between the Town and community members, so that all are empowered in helping to achieve positive change.  


Indicators provide qualitative and/or quantitative information and can be used to determine if the Town is implementing community engagement practices and improving over time. Indicators shall be: 
1. SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time‐Bound) at all levels and for each department, board, commission and committee.  This includes all levels of management, starting with the Select Board and Town Administrator’s Office and continuing to all levels.     
2. Monitored on at least a quarterly basis, and reported annually in the budget report for departments, boards, commissions and committDEL463-Create-Landing-Page-image-for-Gamification-Tipsheet-V2_LP-1ees, and posted at least annually on the respective webpage for departments, boards, commissions and committees.  

The Council on Aging's Community Engagement Goals

Goal 1: To provide access to technology to older adults who are economically disadvantaged

Goal 2: To provide opportunities for socialization and decrease loneliness among Brookline adults.
Goal 3: Support the mental and physical health of Brookline residents aged 60+ with a focus on clutter and how it impacts their lives.
Goal 4: To provide transportation resources, information, and subsidy to town of Brookline older residents (aged 60+).

CLICK HERE to view the Council on Aging's Community Engagement Plan 

For the Town of Brookline's full Community Engagement Plan document, CLICK HERE.