Local Rapid Recovery Plan (Coolidge Corner & JFK Crossing)

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The Town of Brookline is participating in the state's Local Rapid Recovery Plan Program (LRRP), a technical assistance program to support post-COVID small business and commercial area recovery, included in the economic development package announced by the Baker-Polito Administration in fall 2020. Brookline's LRRP study area is focused on Coolidge Corner and JFK Crossing.

Program Goals:

  • For Brookline and other participating municipalities:
    • A set of actionable, well developed projects that reflect COVID-19 recovery needs, community priorities, available resources and incentives, and the capacity to implement at the local level.
    • Primary data that can be used by municipal officials to measure COVID-19 impacts on the local business community
    • Opportunities for collaboration and networking among participating communities
  • For the Commonwealth:
    • Ensuring that communities have data-driven plans to aid in COVID-19 recovery efforts
    • Standardized data to demonstrate COVID-19 impacts at the State-level
    • Ability to understand on-going needs to inform efforts to allocate public and private resources in support of COVID-19 recovery

Program Timeline:

LRRP Timeline 2

LRRP Oversight Committees:

Town Economic Development Division staff and Brookline's LRRP Program Facilitator, Ann Burke, receive regular guidance and direction from the Town's Small Business Development Committee (SBDC) and Economic Development Advisory Board (EDAB) on the development of the Coolidge Corner and JFK Crossing Local Rapid Recovery Plan.

Previous and Upcoming LRRP Meetings and Activities:

  • LRRP Kick-Off Meeting - Joint EDAB-SBDC Public Meeting (April 5, 2021)
  • Diagnostic Phase:

  • Focus Groups: In June, Brookline's LRRP Facilitator will conduct focus group discussions with several key stakeholder groups, including:

    • Property Owners
    • Restaurants
    • Retail and Service Businesses
    • Local Customer Base
    • Office/2nd Floor Workers
    • Arts, Culture, and Entertainment
    • + Community Forum

Additional LRRP Reference Materials:

Educational Webinars Available to the Brookline Community:

One of the benefits of Brookline's participation in the LRRP is access to the Rapid Recovery Program Technical Assistance Webinar Series, a series hosted by the MA Department of Housing and Community Development to show case existing projects in certain topic areas as potential project ideas for our community. 

These webinars are open to the community members of LRRP "grant" recipients. Brookline residents, committee and board members are strongly encouraged to participate in or view as many of these webinars - which will also be recorded and posted to the Local Rapid Recovery Plan website - as possible given the valuable learning opportunities this series presents. 

  1. Meredith L. Mooney

    Economic Development & Long-Term Planner
    Phone: 617-264-6478