Fire Department

On behalf of the officers and firefighters of the Brookline Fire Department, we are pleased to present information about our department and the services we provide.


The Brookline Fire Department is conducting 26F and 26 F½ inspections on a case-by-case basis. This is due to the command staff of the Brookline Fire Department having to divert department members to alternate emergency duties and not wanting to risk exposure to our frontline personnel. The Fire Prevention Staff is working as a skeleton crew with limited ability and time to conduct these inspections.

Governor Baker has provided a provision that allows for the real estate transaction to occur without the 26F and 26 F½ inspection. An agreement would need to be signed by the buyer and seller that indicates that the buyer would become the responsible party to ensure the inspection will eventually happen. The inspection would need to be conducted within 90 days of the state of emergency being lifted, otherwise the property would no longer have clear title.

Fire & Rescue Services

The Fire Department provides fire and rescue services, as well as emergency medical services to the citizens of Brookline and its visitors. The department responds to over 8,000 calls per year.


It is our mission to protect life and property and lessen adverse effects on the environment by providing effective fire suppression, emergency medical services, specialized rescue, and hazardous materials mitigation.

Operation Save-a-Life

We are so grateful to Kidde Fire Safety, The Home Depot and WCVB Channel 5 Boston for sponsoring Operation Save a Life which provided us with 100 smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors! Lt Canney, who works in our Fire Prevention Department represented Brookline and picked up our new detectors which we’ll use to help those Brookline residents over 60 who may not have proper working detectors in their home. For the next few weeks we will be scheduling fire fighters to go to homes in Brookline with residents 60 plus to check on their alarms and install new ones. If you are interested in setting this up please call 617.730.2263.


Women Firefighters & Officers

The Brookline Fire Department is #1!

ISO Class

The Town of Brookline Fire Department is proud to announce our designation as a Class 1 Town by the Insurance Service Office, the highest possible rating for a municipality.

The Insurance Service Office, ISO, rates cities and their fire departments by risk level between 1 and 10, with 1 being the highest designation available. Many insurance companies use the ISO designation to assess insurance premium rates for homeowners and businesses. A Class 1 city designation can equate to lower insurance premiums for our residents and business owners depending on their respective insurance carriers. Brookline was previously designated a Class 2 city

The ISO ratings primarily are based on:

  • Fire department staffing, training, equipment and apparatus, station location and operations
  • Community risk-reduction efforts, including public education and fire-prevention programs
  • Water supply, including the volume of water available and the distribution of fire hydrants
  • Emergency communications, including 9-1-1 dispatch

Of the 47,000 communities covered in the country there are 241 Class 1 Fire Departments nationally and Brookline is only the 6th Department in Massachusetts to obtain this ranking.

Chief of Department, John F. Sullivan, is proud that the department’s continual efforts to improve fire safety for Brookline residents and visitors have been recognized by an increased ISO class rating. Most important, a Class 1 rating tells members of the Brookline fire service that their contributions and dedication to service and training are recognized and valued. It should be a source of pride for the men and women of our department and the community as a whole.

Proper Fire Hydrant Clearances

Keep Them Clear