Broadband Q & A

What cable companies does the Town license?


What internet service providers (ISPs) have residential, commercial and mobile services in Brookline?

There are quite a few and it varies depending on the address and service category (residential, commercial or mobile). Here is a website ( that you can search by zip code and service category to find out what company is available, their coverage map and contact information. (There are five different zip codes in Brookline: 02445, 02446, 02467, 02215, 02135)

Why is Verizon FIOS not available in most of Brookline?

The Town has reached out to Verizon FIOS over the past years to encourage them to move into Brookline. However, Verizon FIOS has stated that they have no plans to do so, citing their focus on completing their current commitments and 5G.

Does Brookline have a municipal owned broadband service?

No. Brookline does not have a publicly owned broadband service. It is cost-prohibitive. 

Is 5G available in Brookline?

Here is one website that provides 5G availability information. You can contact the service providers for more precise and up to date information.