Legislation & Advocacy Subcommittee

Typically meets the third Wednesday of every month at 7PM 

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Chair: Nicole McClelland

Members: Meenakshi Garodia, Hadassah Margolis, Liz Stillman, Lucy Chie

The BCW Legislation & Advocacy Subcommittee shapes the BCW's policy advocacy agenda. This includes identifying issues within the BCW mission that could or should be addressed legislatively, tracking laws and regulations at the local and state level that may have a substantial effect on gender equity and justice, and recommending to the BCW whether and how to take action. In particular, upon the publication of the Warrant for the Annual Town Meeting in May and for the Special Town Meeting in November, the Subcommittee reviews the Warrant and makes recommendations to the BCW on which articles, if any, to hear for consideration of a recommendation to Town Meeting. The BCW makes recommendation to Town Meeting if an article may have significant positive or negative consequences for gender equity or justice.

Some examples of past & current BCW Legislative & Advocacy activities and actions:

• Supporting Warrant Articles on Menstrual Product Availability, Facial Recognition Software, Gender Neutral Language in by-laws, and more

• Urging the State Legislature to make permanent COVID-related amendments of the OML that expanded remote participation

• Supporting the ROE Act and the Healthy Youth Act before the state legislature

• Working with students at BHS to advocate for improved Sex Education and Consent curricula in Brookline

Community Supports Subcommittee

Meets the first or second Monday of each month at 12 noon. SUBSCRIBE to automatically receive notices of these meetings.

Chair: Hadassah Margolis

Members: Carol Caro, Aileen Lee, Felina Silver Robinson, Homa Sarabi-Daunais

The BCW Community Supports Subcommittee guides the BCW’s community outreach and engagement, with an emphasis on shaping BCW responses to identified or emerging needs of female-identifying residents of Brookline. Through direct action and by collaborating with other public or private entities, the BCW finds ways to respond both to social/emotional or economic need as well as need for information or education regarding gender equity and justice.

Some examples of past BCW Community Support activities and actions:

• Collaborating with Dress for Success on a women’s winter coat drive

• Sponsoring virtual gatherings for Brookline women to discuss life during COVID

• Supporting student efforts at BHS to address sexual aggression and harassment

• Compiling a database of child care resources in Brookline