Emergency Management Team Members

Brookline Emergency Team Members

  • Melvin Kleckner
    Town Administrator
  • Daniel C. O’Leary
    Chief of Police, Emergency Management Team Chair
  • Robert Ward
    Fire Chief, Brookline Fire Department
  • Andrew M. Pappastergion
    PE, Commissioner, Department of Public Works
  • Pat Maloney
    Acting Director of Public Health
  • Mark Morgan
    Police Superintendent, Police Department
  • Casey Hatchett
    Police Officer / CERT Coordinator, Police Department
  • Kevin Johnson
    Director of Highway and Sanitation
  • Lloyd Gellineau
    Director of the Diversity, Inclusion and Community Relations Department
  • Mary Ellen Dunn
    Deputy Superintendent, School Department
  • Kate Donnelly
    Nurse Leader, School Department
  • Dan Bennett
    Commissioner of the Building Department
  • Bill McGroarty
    Emergency Planning Coordinator
  • Cheryl Snyder
    Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Public Health / MRC Coordinator
  • Kevin Stokes
    Chief Information Officer
  • Kevin Mount
    Fallon Ambulance
  • Keith Flaherty Acting Chief of Operations, Brookline Fire Department
  • Chris Grazioso
    Fallon Ambulance
  • Lt. Philip Harrington
    Public Information Officer, Brookline Police Department