John E. Murphy Playground

Murphy Playground

John E. Murphy Playground is bowl shaped with a noticeable grade change, retaining walls on three sides and a sloped grass surface. There are entry points located on two sides off of Bowker and Brook Street. Park recreational facilities include basketball key, 2-5 year old play area, 5-12 year old play area and spray pool. The park was originally the Brook Street lot, the Town bought this site in 1915 from Harriet A. Howe & Percival S. Howe. In 1971, it was named after John E. Murphy, a former Park and Recreation Commissioner. The playground changed substantially in 1971 when tot play equipment, a basketball hoop and swings were added. In 1993, it was rebuilt under the Town mandated design review process using Community Development Block Grant funds. In 1998, the drainage problem in the play area was corrected by the Water and Parks Divisions of the DPW.