Alert Brookline - Phone Alerts

What is Alert Brookline?

Alert Brookline is an emergency notification system and one of the tools the Town of Brookline utilizes to keep its citizens informed in the event of an emergency or other significant event. You can sign up now utilizing the Alert Brookline resource.

Functions of the Service

This notification service is free to residents and allows the public to receive phone messages about emergency situations and other major events affecting Brookline. When notified, citizens will hear a phone message that gives details on the emergency and includes instructions on what actions to take. If activated by town authorities during an emergency, Alert Brookline will dial a public safety list of landline phone numbers within the area affected. If no one answers, the system will leave a message if possible. Residents who register will receive both town-wide alerts and alerts concerning events affecting the area of their residence. Individuals who do not have a Brookline address may register for town-wide alerts.

Registering for the Notification Service

Brookline, MA residents can register through the Alert Brookline website in order to receive emergency notifications from the town. If you have an unlisted landline number, cell phone number, broadband phone numbers, or had a change of address or phone numbers in the last year and want to ensure you receive emergency notifications, you must register to receive emergency messages through Alert Brookline. After you check the appropriate accept box you will be brought to a quick and easy registration page.

Legal Notice

The CodeRed (Alert Brookline) system is a private vendor contracted by the Town of Brookline to increase notification opportunities to the public in emergency situations. Decisions to use the system, the messages which are sent through the system, and the areas to which the messages are sent, will be made through the exercise of discretion by Brookline Emergency Management staff depending upon the circumstances of the emergency. The town does not control telephone or electric systems, and the service makes use of computers and software, all of which may fail from time to time. Therefore, there is no guarantee that any or all telephones intended to be contacted will actually be contacted by the system. The Town of Brookline accepts no responsibility or liability for any failure of the system to contact any person or telephone. By registering a telephone number with the system, the user accepts and agrees to these provisions.