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On Census Day, April 1, 2020, residents around the country will receive their 2020 US Census forms and be invited to respond either online, by phone, or through the mail. This is the first year that residents will be able to respond to the US Census online. Ensuring that every United States resident is counted during the 2020 Census is vital to the health and operation of our Constitutional form of government and of vital importance to the Town of Brookline. The Select Board, therefore, hereby Charges a Select Board “Brookline Census Complete Count Committee” as follows:

  1. The Committee’s purpose shall be to work with the relevant Town departments, the Secretary of the Commonwealth, the US Census Bureau, and individuals and entities in the Town of Brookline to support the goals and ideals of United States Census as provided in the federal Constitution, disseminate 2020 Census information, and ensure that everyone in Brookline is counted during the 2020 Census.
  2. The Committee shall develop strategies to inform the residents of the Town of Brookline of the importance of the Census, including, without limitation: that federal and state funding is allocated to communities, and decisions are made on matters of national and local importance based, in part, on census data; that Census data helps determine how many seats each state will have in the U.S. House of Representatives and is necessary for the an accurate redistricting of state legislative seats and Brookline precinct voting districts, which will ensure fair representation; that information from the 2020 Census and the related American Community Survey are vital tools for economic development and facilitates employment, business, and housing opportunities; that information from the 2020 Census will be essential information that will inform local policy decisions.
  3. The Committee shall develop strategies and outreach plans to identify and work to include in the Census those communities that have historically been undercounted, including, without limitation, senior residents, young children, residents in transition to different housing types, people of color, non-native speakers, persons experiencing homelessness, transient students, immigrant and refugee communities, persons fearful of interaction with government officials, recently arriving residents, formerly incarcerated individuals, and individuals with mental illness.
  4. The Committee shall develop strategies to highlight the ways in which Census information is confidential and protected by law in order to assure residents that they will not be subject to personal or family risks by participating in the Census.
  5. The Committee shall develop strategies and organize events and initiatives that will raise the overall awareness of the 2020 Census and increase participation, including providing Census advocates to speak to Community Organizations.
  6. The Committee shall be comprised of Select Board members Nancy Heller and Raul Fernandez, who shall co-chair the Committee, the Town Clerk, a designee of the School Committee, a designee of the Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Relations, representatives of the community, such as representatives of social service, higher education, religious, and community organizations, and such additional residents of the Town as determined by the co-chairs to be necessary to assist in the performance of the duties of the Committee

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