Zoning Applications

This page will be updated by Planning Staff with the latest documents and information for each case or links to where the information can be found on Accela, the online permitted software used by the Town.

For cases decided before July 1, 2019 please go here to find the posted decision or email the Regulatory Planning Division for any additional materials.

Information for some cases can also be found by searching for the address in the Zoning portal on Accela; the Department is working on eventually having all information accessible there.

For information on the zoning application process, please see this guide.

Last Updated: 12/6/19
Address Planning Board Meeting*ZBA Hearing*Planning Dept Reports
(PB Meeting Date)
Planning Board Recommendation
(Issuance Date)
Documents and Plans**Decisions***
107 University Road12/12/19

35 Eliot Crescent12/12/19

229 Washington Street12/12/19

39 Sheafe St11/7/1912/12/1911/7/1911/7/1910/29 Submission
60 Cramond Rd10/24/19
10/24/1910/24/19Accela: 9/30/19 SubmissionApproved
99 South St10/17/19
118 Gerry Road / 121 Independence Drive10/24/19
10/24/1910/24/19Accela: 9/23/19 Submission
44-46 Vernon St9/26/19
9/26/199/26/199/19 Submission
22 Dunster Road9/26/1910/10/199/26/199/26/199/4 SubmissionApproved; Decision on Accela
107 Payson Road9/26/1910/3/199/26/199/26/198/19 SubmissionApproved; Decision on Accela
161-163 Thorndike St11/7/1912/12/199/26/19, 11/7/1911/7/199/11 Submission, 10/29 Submission
111 Winthrop Road9/12/199/26/199/12/199/4 SubmissionApproved
1618 Beacon Street11/7/19

8/15 Submission, 10/22 Submission
305 Clark Road9/12/199/19/199/12/198/8 SubmissionApproved
95 Clark Road9/12/199/19/199/12/197/31 SubmissionApproved
143 Laurel Road9/12/19
9/12/197/30 SubmissionApproved; Decision on Accela
80 Heath St.8/22/19
8/22/19, 10/24/1910/24/198/1 Submission, 10/10 SubmissionApproved
15 Toxteth Street8/22/199/19/198/22/198/22/197/29 SubmissionApproved
210 Bonad Road8/22/199/19/198/22/197/29 SubmissionApproved
290-292 Tappan St10/24/19

7/22 Submission
25 White Pl8/8/198/22/198/8/198/8/19Approved
65 Chatham St7/25/198/8/197/25/197/25/19
18 Spooner Rd8/22/199/26/198/22/198/22/197/2 SubmissionApproved
12 Euston St (AA)

6/10 Submission
7 Leverett St7/25/198/1/197/25/197/25/19
1762 Beacon St7/25/198/8/197/25/197/25/19
83 Payson Rd7/11/198/1/197/11/197/11/19
53 Risley Rd7/11/198/1/197/11/197/11/19
114 Rawson Rd8/8/198/29/198/29/19
15 Hancock Rd6/27/197/25/19
10 Rice St6/27/198/29/19
198 Harvard St8/22/19

385 Clinton Rd5/16/198/22/19
33 Glenland Rd8/8/1910/24/198/8/198/8/199/5 SubmissionApproved
30 Webster St7/25/199/19/197/11/19, 7/25/197/25/19
761 Washington St9/26/19
8/22/19 , 9/26/19, 11/14/1911/14/198/9 Submission , 9/18 Submission
28 Cushing Rd6/27/197/11/19

15 Lanark Rd6/27/197/11/19

114 Clyde Street8/8/1910/3/198/29/19AccelaApproved; Decision on Accela

*The agenda for a meeting is the official list of cases that will be heard on that date. Check the agenda for the listed date to confirm whether or not a case is being heard that day.

**To find documents on Accela, follow the link at the top of the page, click on the "Zoning" tab in Accela, and search by address. Once the correct address has been pulled up, click on "Record Info" and then "Attachments;" any links in blue found on that page are documents that you can download.

***The decision status (approved/denied/withdrawn) will be posted once the ZBA votes and a link to the decision will be posted once the decision has been filed with the Town Clerk.