Boards & Commissions

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Apply for a Committee, Board or Commission:

Apply online here: Online Application


Mail or deliver this Application Form (PDF) to the Select Board at
333 Washington St., 6th Floor,
Brookline MA, 02445
or email it to

Term expiring? Apply for reappointment using the form linked below.
Re-Appointment Online Application (for incumbents only)

Please contact the Select Board’s Office at 617-730-2211 with any questions.

List of Vacancies


Upon receipt of your application, the Select Board’s Office may contact you to arrange for an interview with the Select Board. Interviews are held during weekly Select Board’s meetings, located in the Select Board’s Hearing Room, 6th Floor, Brookline Town Hall, 333 Washington Street.  The Select Board may, however, decide to make appointments to a Committee based on the applications received without an interview.  In either case you will be notified at the email address given in your application or by mail if no email address is given.

Committee Membership Requirements

Typically, there are no rigid skill or experience requirements for selection as a member of a Committee, rather the Select Board is looking to create Committees that (1) reflect the racial, ethnic, economic, and other diversities of the Town or applicants who because of the nature of the Committee’s responsibility are individuals from groups that may bring a needed perspective to the Committee, (2) have a diversity of ideas, perspectives, experiences, and skills, (3) have members with the experience or skills in the specific area of the Committee’s responsibility, and (4) will work as a team and be active contributors to accomplish the purposes of the Committee.

Types of Committees 

Committees may be Standing Committees with three-year terms or ad hoc Committees that are formed for a specific task and will be dissolved once the task is completed and a report submitted to the Select Board.