Parks & Recreation Master Plan

Parks, Recreation and Open Space Strategic Plan Update, Athletic Field Needs Assessment and Master Plan: 2020

The Park and Recreation Commission is leading a public planning process to update its Park, Open Space and Recreation Strategic Plan. The Plan will serve as a 20-year vision, plan and framework for decision-making regarding indoor and outdoor recreational amenities, programming, levels of service, field and facility management, maintenance, (re)design, support infrastructure, funding, policy, land acquisition, permitting, programs and partnerships.

The Town has retained the services of GreenPlay, LLC, a national consulting firm specializing in parks, recreation, and open space, to guide the planning process. The initiative, led by the Park and Recreation Commission, Parks and Open Space staff and GreenPlay, LLC, will include public, staff and stakeholder engagement; analysis and assessment of current park, recreation and open space facilities; program review; surveys; and analysis of field and facility usage data against needs, population and national trends. The goal is to accurately determine the current level of service provided by Brookline’s parks and recreation fields, facilities and programs. The Park, Open Space and Recreation Strategic Plan will guide the delivery of park and recreation amenities, services, programs, maintenance, management, policy, capital improvements and future development within the Town of Brookline and ensure that decisions made today support not only the greatest needs now, but the Town’s vision for the future.

The last Strategic Plan was published in 2006 and included several recommendations that have been accomplished, in full or in part, such as the addition of athletic fields (1 multi-purpose field in Skyline Park and 1 multi-purpose field in Fisher Hill Reservoir Park), the incorporation of synthetic turf into the portfolio (accomplished at 4 athletic fields), the creation of a driving range, an increase in outdoor spray grounds (accomplished at several parks throughout Brookline) and additional walking paths. Needs identified by the community that have not yet been met include an indoor ice rink, outdoor pool, community center with indoor gym space, outdoor event space, skate park facilities, and more athletic fields to meet the current demands.

Since 2006, the community has seen a marked increase in the school population, an increase in participation in sports, and an increase in awareness around the benefits of healthy recreation for all ages. Subsequently, the public has expressed a desire for greater access to multiple indoor and outdoor recreational opportunities.

The planning process of the Strategic Plan will include a statistically valid survey administered by a 3rd party. If you receive this survey in the mail please take the time to complete and return it. In addition, there will be an opportunity for anyone in the community to participant in an open survey, with the same questions, that will be administered separately by the project team.