GARE Work Group Agenda- 8/22/2019

Human Resources Department


1:00PM- 2:00PM I. Introductions II. How do you envision an ideal Human Resources Department? III. What is the purpose of a Human Resources Department? IV. What are the core processes, policies and structures we need to ensure that we are genuine to that purpose. V. GARE Blog VI. Next Steps​​The 1st GARE HR Meeting commenced on 8/22.  Those present included representatives from the Human Resources Department, the Diversity Office , members from GARE Community Group and Health Department staff.   Meeting members shared what they envisioned  to be the  ideal Human Resources Department.  There was also discussion regarding the purpose of the HR Department.  Please see below for the ideas generated in the meeting.  The next meeting will examine each of the ideas generated and to develop operational definitions that can be used develop assessment metrics. These metrics will be used to help determine the strengths and areas of needed growth within the HR Department.   Next meeting to be determined.    ​
​We are looking for additional members to join the work group; we welcome everyone and we do hope that individuals of color would consider participating in the GARE process.  Please note that GARE, Government Alliance for Racial Equity, mission is to examine structures, service/programs, policies and procedures, to determine and to correct structural racism.  To accomplish this mission it is important that people of color participate in the process.  If you are interested please contact BrooklineGARE at ​​GARE Workgroup – Human Resources Department 8/22/19 1:00-2:00 PM Community Members Present: Anne Greenwald, Debbie Katz, Town Employees Present: Caitlin Starr, Lloyd Gellineau, Ann Braga, Darlene Johnson, Dai Nguyen​​ 1) How do you envision an ideal Human Resources Department? ​ • Supportive of current employees; adequate and accessible information distribution​ • Acknowledge strength and weaknesses​ • Accessible • Completes performance reviews of Department Heads and manager positions ​• Innovative and inclusive hiring practices ​• Increase applicant pool • Focus on promotion and retention ​• Continued education and professional building opportunities ​• Clear and equitable policies and procedures to reflect generational and systemic changes ​• Increase in community work​ • Consistent education on Diversity and Inclusion ​​ 2) What is the purpose of a Human Resources Department? ​ • Hiring and onboarding new employees • Benefit procurement and distribution ​• Work with payroll • Recruit/outreach for open positions • Develop and manage employee policies ​• Support employee opportunity and growth • Hold Department’s accountable ​ • Provide mechanisms to address violations • Provide team building opportunities

​HR GARE Meeting 9-16-2019​HR GARE Meeting 09-16-2019
​Present:  Ann Hess Braga, Steve Vogel, Darlene Johnson, Dai Nguyen. Lloyd Gellineau

​Human Resources Director articulated key HR functions that were not identified at our last meeting they include the following:
​• Strategic business partner w/policies across departments and business practices to recruit and retain employees
​• Piloting, testing new programs • Creating, enforcing inclusive workforce (a culture of inclusion)
​ • Creating a mentoring program/employee development through knowledge transfer
​          o Career, personal development through mentoring
​          o Learning particular job skills through coaching
​           o Creating an affinity group

​It was noted that the HR Mission Statement, the GARE Group’s vision of an ideal HR Department, and the articulated function (functions as described in the Town’s by-law) of the Department were very much inline.
​ Rather than attempting to operationalize all the focus areas expressed at the last meeting it was decided that one of them would be selected for further race equity analysis. Other areas will be review at later meetings.

​The three focus areas that will be prioritized are:
​Clear and equitable policies and procedures to reflect generational and systemic change
​Performance reviews for staff and management
​Increasing the applicant pool

​Clear and equitable policies and procedures to reflect generational and systemic change was selected as the priority for the analysis

​To start with this area, the group needs access to all the HR policies and procedures (P and P). It was note that these documents are accessible on the Town’s website on the HR Department’s page. The Human Resource Director noted that not all of the (P and P) are on the webpage. HR will provide a comprehensive list for our next meeting. Participants will review policies on Town’s Human Resources website for next meeting.

​ Below are the areas that the GARE group expects to be covered in the HR P and P:
​  Conflict in the workplace
​  Hiring practices (inclusive, innovative)  
​ Promotions 
​Preventing subtle discrimination in hiring practices 
​ Boards and commissions application process
​Amending policies to promote a respectful workplace culture
​Policy of performance review 
​Managers and department heads (based on structure of departments)
​Sexual harassment o Alcohol & drug, marijuana
​ Dress code
​ Town employee identification system o Relationship policy 
​Conflict of interest/ethics policy
​ Pay equity

​Next meeting : Identify first policy for review
​ Articulate Goal: Target Date to Complete Goal:
​ Articulate Output/Objective:
​ Articulate Expected Outcome/Long-term effect:
​ Metric used to assess Outcome
​ Start analysis of Policy