About the Green Dog Program

What is the Green Dog Program?

The Green Dog Program is an innovative approach to meeting our dogs’ and dog owners’ desire to have time off- leash, while sharing the spaces with other park users in our urban community. Brookline has 14 off-leash areas across the Town, with specific off-leash hours established by the Park and Recreation Commission. Dog owners are allowed to play with their dogs off-leash, during these designated times, after registering for the program and following the program rules and regulations. 

The Park and Recreation Commission is a policy-making board, staffed with volunteers appointed by the Board of Selectmen, to oversee and provide year-round indoor and outdoor recreation activities, and to oversee park planning, renovations, and use. The Commission created the Green Dog Program in response to requests from residents who expressed a desire for dog owners to not only enjoy, but also serve as better stewards of e Commission developed the program with input from a Green Dog Advisory Committee and many enthusiastic residents, following a thorough analysis of park usage throughout the Town. 

The Green Dog Program benefits everyone! Dogs get needed exercise and socialization often leading to better behavior, owners get to socialize with fellow dog owners and park visitors, and other park users still have time to play and relax in the parks. The outcome is a happier community. We have thousands of park users, and sharing our parks helps us maximize the use and enjoyment we all receive from our open spaces.


The Park and Recreation Commission is happy to be able to offer the Green Dog program, but they also have a responsibility to address any issues promptly and appropriately. The Commission has the authority to temporarily or permanently close, or modify the boundaries of off-leash areas for any reason including the following: environmental damage, failure to comply with rules and regulations, public health or safety, or serious unanticipated problems affecting other park users. Violators are subject to incremental fines, removal from the off-leash area, and suspension or forfeiture of off-leash privileges.

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