Energy Mission: 

The Town of Brookline’s Energy Conservation mission is to encourage and facilitate energy conservation, energy efficient practices, and the use of sustainable energy in the Town of Brookline, including public buildings, properties, and residents’ homes owned by the town.

Brookline Town Seal

Sustainable Control Strategies for HVAC/ Lighting Systems

  • • Daylight Dimming for Lights
  • • Daylighting
  • • Demand Control Ventilation
  • • Demand Limiting Power
  • • Economizers
  • • Heating Recovery Units ( Recovery Wheel)
  • • High Efficiency Condensing Boilers
  • • High Effieciency Motors and LED Lighting
  • • Lighting Controls
  • • Night Setback; Optimal Start Timing/Scheduling
  • • Occupancy sensors for Lighting and HVAC
  • • Standardizing one control system
  • • System Commissioning
  • • Temperature Control Resets
  • • Variable Frequency Drives for Pumps and Fans

Buildings that are Undergoing Energy Conservation Projects

Johnson Controls:                                                                         Siemens:
  • Town Hall, Public Health, Senior Center, All Fire Stations, All Libraries, Larz Anderson Refrigeration Building and rink,Water Dept. Garage, Municipal Garage, Soule Recreation Center, Soule Rec. Gym, Putterham Golf club, Kirrane Aquatics Center, Eliot Recreation Building.                                                                                                                                                     Baker School, Heath School, Lincoln School, Old Lincoln School,Lynch Recreation Building, Pierce Primary, Pierce School, Baldwin School, Driscoll School, Lawrence School, and Runkle School.
  • Coolidge Corner School, Brookline High School, Unified Arts Building, and Tappan Gym.

Buildings that will be Receiving a Retrofit for LED Lighting and Ballasts:

  • Public Safety Building
  • Public Health Center
  • Main Library
  • New Lincoln School
  • Soule Recreation Center

Town Wide Utilities Spending Over the last 5 Years:

Electricity Bar Chart showing the relation between kilowatt hours and cost from 2014 to 2019
Gas Bar Chart showing the relation between therms and cost from 2014 to 2018
Water and sewer bar chart showing the relation between gallons used and cost from 2015 to 2018

Town Wide and Individual Department's Utilities charts

Fiscal Year 2014-2019