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    1. The mission of the Parks and Open Space Division is to develop a safe, accessible, well maintained network of parks and open space for both passive and active recreation that preserves the historic integrity and cultural significance of Brookline's landscape for the use, benefit and enjoyment of our visitors and residents.  We invite you to explore our website and visit your parks and open spaces.

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SCHOOL DEPARTMENT DRISCOLL SCHOOL RENOVATION PROJECT: Starting Monday, June 28th, the Driscoll School play fields, tennis courts and playground will be CLOSED in preparation for the School Department-led complete renovation project. 

When completed, the Park and Playground will include 185 new trees and a 21% increase in the amount of usable open space.  In addition, the new school will have 2 gyms which will almost double the existing amount of indoor play space.  The new field will be artificial turf which will also be far more usable than the existing natural turf playfield, (which is closed for much of the year).  Once complete, all these improvements will result in an increase in year round recreational space for the student body and the Brookline Community.  

To learn more, please visit the School Department’s project webpage. Please direct any questions or concerns to the Project Managers: Tony Guigli - Building Department ( and/or Matt Gillis - Public Schools of Brookline (

Cypress Street Playground & Field Renovation Project

Please click here for more information

Image of turf field with trees in background

Ice Rink Feasibility Study

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Image shows the Jack Kirrane outdoor ice rink with adults and children skating during sunset

Larz Anderson Lagoon Structures Project

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Historic tempietto structure overlooking the Larz lagoon, surrounded by trees.

Muddy River Restoration Project: Phase 2

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Image of water body with sandbar in the center. Opens in new window

Robert T. Lynch Municipal Golf Course Landscape Master Plan

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Golf course on a sunny day

John E. Murphy Playground Renovation Project

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Image of entire playground. Swings and green composite play structure in foreground.  Opens in new window

Margaret E. Robinson Park Renvoation Project

Please click here for more information

Image of playground with green play structure in background and sitting walls next to grass area


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