Traffic Safety & Speeding

Sign or Sight Obstructions

The DPW - Transportation Division is responsible for investigating resident complaints concerning the placement and / or visibility of all traffic control and parking signs. Over time, it is not uncommon for tree limbs and other shrubbery adjacent to the roadway to obscure a sign from motorist's view. The division is also responsible for ensuring that obstructions such as vegetation or parked cars also do not interfere with the line of sight necessary to safely maneuver to and from driveways and other street intersections.

Reporting an Obstruction

To report a sight or sign obstruction, submit a request / comment form to the DPW - Transportation Division or call 617-879-4900. Reports of signs missing or knocked down should also be directed to the DPW - Highway Division. It is illegal for any private party to remove any traffic or parking sign that has been placed in a specific location by the Town of Brookline. Only the DPW - Highways crews are authorized to perform any sign work.


Speeding Complaints

Complaints of vehicles speeding on Brookline street should be reported to the Brookline Police Department - Traffic Division, at (617) 730-2230.

Speed Limit Signs

Questions concerning the posted speed limit on a street should be submitted to the DPW - Transportation Division using the request/comment form. Massachusetts General Laws establish speed limits and limit the ability of the town to determine our own speed limits. Therefore the DPW - Transportation Division will evaluate conditions and consider altering a speed limit if it is determined that unusual conditions on the section of the street are present and these changes meet state law. Conditions that exist in many residential areas such as large numbers of children or vehicles parked on the street, do not represent unusual conditions.

Advanced Speed Monitor Board

The Brookline Police Department has acquired an advanced speed monitor board. This radar equipped board measures the oncoming vehicle's speed and flashes this speed on the illuminated board to alert motorists of their traveling speed. If you would like to have the speed monitor board placed in your neighborhood, contact the Brookline Police Department Traffic Division at 617-730-2230 to discuss its availability.

School Safety

The Transportation Board, DPW - Transportation Division and School Department place a high priority on the safety of pedestrian and vehicle movements in the vicinity of the Brookline schools. As the number of parents who drop off and pick up their children at our schools has increased, so has the importance of school safety. The use and maintenance of school speed zones, sidewalks and crosswalks, safety improvement devices, designated drop-off and pick-up zones, and crossing guards during school opening and closing are all intended to minimize conflicts and provide a safe environment in the vicinity of our schools. The operation and maintenance of all school zone flashers are also critical to the notification of motorists that they are entering an area where special caution is required.

If you believe that unsafe conditions exist in the vicinity of your school, please contact the principal of the school. If school officials believe the issue requires further study or action, they will notify the DPW - Transportation staff.