Current Projects

ACTIVE PLANNING PROJECTS - These are planning projects that often include Select Board - appointed committees. 

> Local Rapid Recovery Plan for Coolidge Corner & JFK Area

> Solar Panel Installation at six school & municipal sites

> Boylston Street Corridor Study Committee

> Kent Street Affordable Senior Housing

MAJOR IMPACT PROJECTS - Under Section 5.09.b of the Zoning By-Law, Major Impact Projects are defined as residential projects over 16 units or non-residential projects over 25,000 square feet. Major Impact Projects undergo a preliminary review process with an appointed Design Advisory Team (DAT) to gather feedback and make revisions before undergoing the zoning process. Below are links to project pages for each recent Major Impact Project which contain plans, timelines and status information.

> Former Newbury College / Welltower Site Development

> Balfour at Brookline 2020

> Driscoll School 2020

> Waldo-Durgin 2020

> Hancock Village 40A Proposal 2018 - PENDING

> 209 Harvard Street 2018 - PENDING

> 20 Boylston Street 2018

> 700 Brookline Avenue / Hilton Garden Inn 2017

> 54 Auburn Street 2017

> 820 Commonwealth Avenue / Boston University Theatre 2016

> 308 Boylston Street / Herb Chambers Audi 2016

> Dexter Southfield School 2016

> Beaver Country Day School 2015

> Devotion School 2015

> Circle Cinema/AC Hotel 2015

> 111 Boylston Street / Homewood Suites 2014

> 2 Brookline Place/Children’s Hospital 2014 

ADMINISTRATIVE SITE PLAN REVIEW - Administrative Site Plan Review, Section 9.11 of the Zoning By-Law, requires plans to be submitted to  applicable Town departments  review, comment, and possible adjustments.

> Dexter Southfield School 2019 (20 Newton St.)

ZONING CASES (40A) - Projects that require zoning relief but are not Major Impact Projects go before both the Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA). Follow this link for a webpage where information on active and past ZBA cases can be acquired. Also look on Accela for cases, as it may have more updated information.

PRESERVATION CASES - Preservation staff draft reports on Demolition cases, Local Historic District (LHD) cases and Neighborhood Conservation District (NCD) cases in advance of all public hearings.

> LHD/NCD Case Reports

> Demolition Case Reports 

COMPREHENSIVE PERMIT CASES (40B) - The Planning Department maintains a detailed webpage with information on all currently pending and recently-approved 40B affordable housing projects that are voted on by the ZBA.

> 40B Projects 


> Gateway East/Route 9

> Hancock Village Master Plan

> 9th Elementary School Site Selection

> Brookline High School Expansion

> Olmsted Hill

> Kent Street Affordable Senior Housing