1 - Energy Efficiency


Town Leading by Example

  • Developing two Net Zero school projects with Whole Building Design principles
  • Targeting EUI (energy use intensity) of 25 to 30 for a 100,000 sf school project; estimated savings over baseline: 37% energy cost savings and 42.7% reduction greenhouse gas emissions
  • Purchasing fuel-efficient and electrical vehicles for municipal fleet
  • Participating in a load-shedding program to reduce demand during peak hours
  • Converting street lights and municipal building lighting to LED
  • Adopted State Building Stretch Code
  • Employ air-source heat pumps in Driscoll School renovation

Key Climate Action Plan Actions 

  • Develop "Zero Emissions by 2050" roadmap
  • Create Green Building / Sustainable Site Guidelines for new construction and major renovations
  • Promote energy efficiency upgrades and incentives to increase value of older building stock
  • Launch Building Energy Reporting Pilot tied to utility incentives
  • Explore Passivhaus standards for affordable housing to lower energy costs
  • Encourage lenders to create green building finance incentives for upgrades and new construction

Resources for Businesses

Watch a video about a citizen and business collaborative project called Climate is Everybody's Business