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Rabies Clinic

Brookline Rabies and Microchip Clinic for Pets

Rabies Vaccine $15. Microchip $15.

Rabies clinics are held in the spring at Brookline Town Hall Lobby, 333 Washington Street between 9:00am-12:00 Noon. Pets must be with person 14+ years. On leash or in carrier. View this event's flyer (PDF).

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Hoarding Task Force

About Hoarding

The Brookline Hoarding Task Force defines hoarding as the collection of materials to the point where an individual’s quality of life and the functions of one’s living space is diminished. Detectable signs of hoarding include blocked egresses, non-functioning toilets, and fire hazards due to an abundance of material. Other signs include infestations, collected spoiled food, and squalor.

Hoarding conditions may present a nuisance or safety hazard to the surrounding community due to potential fire hazards, odor, or pest issues. Some individuals present extreme cleanliness and organization in addition to their hoarding behavior. Hoarding is not exclusive to the elderly population; it is observed in a full range of age groups, education levels, and mental health states.

Hoarding Task Force

The Hoarding Task Force is a collaboration between the Brookline Health Department, the Brookline Community Mental Health Center, and the Brookline Council on Aging. The goal of the Hoarding Task Force is to develop and implement best practices for assisting Brookline residents who struggle with compulsive hoarding.

Task Force Materials

Below you can find materials developed by the Hoarding Task Force:

Additional Information

For more information on compulsive hoarding, please view the following links:

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