Kent/Station Street Affordable Senior Housing Committee


  • Heather Hamilton, Chair
  • Roger Blood, HAB
  • Frank Caro
  • Alan Christ
  • Betsy DeWitt

  • Dick Garver
  • Ken Goldstein
  • Liz Linder
  • Mariah Nobrega
  • Naomi Sweitzer
  • Don Warner

Kent/Station Street Fact Sheet


The Committee will develop a proposal for suitable Air Rights development of Affordable Senior Housing over the Kent/Station Street Parking Lot, with retention of the public parking on the site.

In this process the Committee will:

  1. Assemble available information and data relevant to the potential for such development of the site including, without limitation, environmental conditions, history, zoning limitations, and any legal/title considerations.
  2. Consult with Town Counsel to learn about the legal issues associated with Air Rights developments and to find a process or processes by which such development might occur.
  3. Recommend criteria by which any proposal for the development of the site as affordable senior housing could be evaluated, including, without limitation, design objectives, ownership structure, project funding options, neighborhood concerns, parking and traffic considerations, affordability goals, age restrictions, open space, streetscape improvements, and carbon footprint and sustainability goals for energy usage.

In formulating its recommendations, the Committee shall hold public hearings as necessary, with a minimum of one. The Committee will report to the Board of Selectmen by or before August 30, 2017. If then authorized by the Board of Selectmen, the Committee may oversee the drafting of a Request for Proposals or other mechanism for the soliciting of development proposals, review and ranking any proposals that are received, or it may assist the Town's Housing Advisory Board in carrying out these functions.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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Request for Information (RFI)

Kent Street Parking Lot - Request for Information (PDF)

RFI Responses - Redacted

Public Information Meeting - 10.29.18


Public Meeting Slide Show

DRAFT- Public Comments

Select Board Public Hearing - 4.23.19

The Brookline Select Board held a public hearing on April 23, 2019 related to the issuance of a Request for Proposals for the reuse of the Kent Street municipal parking lot for senior housing.  After taking public comment that evening, the Board subsequently voted to authorize the release of of the RFP at its April 30, 2019 meeting.  

Public Hearing Slide Show