Curbside Composting

Curbside Composting

The Town of Brookline has recently entered a partnership with  Black Earth Compost to encourage residents to subscribe to curbside organics at a fixed price set by the agreement. Currently, residents can subscribe to weekly curbside organics collection for $59.99/ 6 months which comes to only $2.31/week. If over 3,000 households sign up for collection the price will drop to $49.99/ 6 months. The Town of Brookline is not involved in the payments for service, agreements will be directly between the resident and Black Earth Compost. Sign up for weekly service here

The Town Of Brookline also offers backyard compost bins. To assist you in your efforts, home composting bins may be purchased at a discounted price of $46 from the Municipal Service Center located at: 870 Hammond St. Brookline, MA 02467. You can visit the Earth Machine company site for more information.

Compost Bin

Hazardous Waste Compost Drop Off 

Every Tuesday 7:30am to 12:30pm from May through October Hazardous Waste Drop Off days occur at the Brookline Transfer Station at 815 Newton Street. Residents can now bring their kitchen scraps and food waste up during these days to compost.

Brookline Teen Center

The Brookline Teen Center, located on 40 Aspinwall Avenue in Brookline already has two compost receptacles available to residents to drop off food waste. You can access it 24 hours a day (located right outside the main entrance). This has been an effective program and has already had an impact on reducing waste levels in Brookline. Visit the Teen Center’s page to access more information.

Call 617-879-4908 for more information on backyard and curbside composting.

Recycling Bins