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Mandatory Recycling Bylaw

In November of 2014, the commercial recycling bylaw was passed in the town of Brookline. This now makes it mandatory for all businesses to recycle, similar to Brookline residents. Please take a look at the mandatory recycling bylaw below and fill out the form as soon as possible to get your business in compliance with the law!

View the Mandatory Recycling Bylaw (PDF).

Submit Your Recycling Plan

Submitting your recycling plan online will require you to login to the Town of Brookline permitting service. View instructions (PDF) on how to submit a recycling plan online. View if you prefer to apply using a paper application (PDF).

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Public Works Responsibility

The Public Works Department is responsible for all endeavors relating to planning, designing, operating, maintaining, and managing public ways, park lands, open space, public grounds, town cemeteries, water distribution systems, sewer collection systems, and the collection and disposal of solid waste. The department also provides engineering support services and motor equipment maintenance services to all town departments.

Recycling Requirement:

All commercial establishments shall be required to separate designated recyclable materials generated on the premises, which represent greater than five percent by weight of the establishment’s total refuse and shall arrange for the collection for recycling of these materials. These materials must be source separated and kept in a condition to meet minimum market standards.

Program Responsibility:

Program development, implementation and operation shall be the responsibility of each commercial establishment. Each landlord must also submit a Recycling Plan for the building. In cases where the landlord is the contracting agent for refuse disposal in a building, the landlord shares joint responsibility for developing, implementing, and operating the recycling program in conjunction with commercial tenants.

Recycling Plan:

Each commercial establishment and each landlord of a building housing a commercial establishment must submit a Recycling Plan to the Commissioner of Public Works using hard copy or online forms provided by the Town of Brookline. All establishments must submit an updated plan when requested by the Town of Brookline or within 60 days of any changes to the currently filed plan.

Commercial Waste Audit
Private Haulers

Access our recommended waste audit to help you with your recycling process.

Access a list of private haulers who are required to operate recycling operations in Brookline.

Please feel free to contact us in the Highway and Sanitation Division of the Department of Public Works to learn more about the bylaw and how to make sure you are in full compliance of the law!

Department of Highway and Sanitation:

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Getting feedback from Commercial Owners and Property Owners is always valuable. Feel free to email Chaimaa Medhat (Asst. Recycling Coordinator) with questions, concerns, or any suggestions regarding mandatory recycling.