Brookline Senior Center

The Brookline Senior Center is a town gathering place dedicated to enriching the aging experience for Brookline seniors over the age of 60.

Our goal is to help seniors maintain their independence and continue to be active members of their community. We believe wholeheartedly in enhancing growth, dignity, and a sense of belonging while encouraging individual contributions and the sharing of life experiences.

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Solicitation Policy:



The Brookline Senior Center is a haven for seniors to come and be safe from the intrusions of solicitation from politicians, salesmen, and research studies.

Teachers, volunteers and speakers are reminded that the explicit promotion of private businesses or the overt recruitment of clients is not permitted. Distribution of business cards and promotional materials and follow-up calls for mailing or recruitment purposes is prohibited. We encourage participation when it is appropriate, as a sanctioned forum by the Council on Aging. Please contact the Director for information on being invited to one of our forums or to leave literature.

Please respect our elders, as this is their policy that has been voted on by our Board of Directors.

This policy is strictly enforced without exception.

Brookline Solicitation Policy

Government Buildings

Campaign Finance Law

Solicitation or receiving campaign contributions in a government building is prohibited. Examples include city and town halls, public schools, libraries, police and fire stations and public works buildings and senior center.

No one (not just public employees) may:

* Sell tickets to fundraisers or otherwise solicit or collect political contributions in a public building.

* Send solicitation into a government building, such as by phone, mail or e-mail.

* Use a public building as the site of a fundraiser, the return address for contributions or the contact phone number for buying tickets to a fundraiser.

* Post in a public building any advertisement for a fundraiser.

M.G.L. Chapter 55, the Campaign Finance Law, regulates political activity by public employees and the use of public buildings and resources in campaign. Public employees who take part in political campaigns and the candidates and committees they support should be aware of these sections of the law.