Site Eligibility 2013

2013 40B Project Eligibility Letter Request to Mass Development

A complete copy of Chestnut Hill Realty's application is available to review at the Planning & Community Development Department. For a general overview of the proposal, you can click here for 13 pages excerpted by the Planning Department from the full package.You can also download the entire submittal (2GB) via this dropbox site.

* State Regulations 760 CMR 56.04(4)(b) and (c) "Site Eligibility (Findings in Determination)"
* Neighborhood Conservation District Bylaw - Article 5.10
* Massachusetts 40B Design Review Handbook (Mass. DHCD, The Cecil Group, etal., 2008)
* Massachusetts Guidelines for 40Bs (DHCD)

Letter from Alison Steinfeld - October 10, 2013
Site Eligibility Decision from MassDevelopment - October 8, 2013

Chestnut Hill Realty Letter to MassDevelopment, re Town's Response - September 11, 2013
Town's Letter to MassDevelopment in response to CHR 9/11/2013 Letter - September 24, 2013
NCD Commission's Letter to MassDevelopment in response to CHR 9/11/2013 Letter
Brookline Housing Authority Letter to MassDevelopment in response to CHR 9/11/2013 Letter

AUGUST 20, 2013
1. Chestnut Hill Realty submitted a new Project Eligibility Letter application package to MassDevelopment and copied the Board of Selectmen on Thursday, June 13, 2013. 
2. MassDevelopment's comment period ended August 30, 2013. Download related documents by clicking on the two links below:
3. Town of Brookline Response to MassDevelopment (August 30, 2013)
4. Town of Brookline Neighborhood Conservation District Commission Report to MassDevelopment (August 9, 2013)