1. Naming Committee

    Learn about the Naming Committee including members, minutes, and more.

  2. Neighborhood Conservation District Commission

    Discover information about the Neighborhood Conservation District Commission.

  3. Noise Bylaw Committee

  4. Olmsted Hill Construction Oversight Committee

    Explore information about the Olmsted Hill Construction Oversight Committee including minutes, members, and more.

  5. Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB) Committee

    Check out information about the Other Post Employment Benefits Committee.

  6. Override Study Committee

    Get information about the Override Study Committee including plans, subcommittees, members, minutes, and much more.

  7. Park & Recreation Commission

    Explore information about the Park and Recreation Commission including members, meetings, minutes, and more.

  8. Parking Committee

    Find information about the Parking Committee including members, minutes, and more.

  9. Parking Meter Task Force

    Get information about the Parking Meter Task Force including member, minutes, and more.

  10. Pedestrian Advisory Committee

  11. Planning Board

    Access minutes, members, and other documents pertaining to the Planning Board.

  12. Preservation Commission

    Review the goals and composition of the Preservation Commission.

  13. Public Transportation Advisory Committee

  14. River Road Study Committee

  15. Redistricting Committee

    Research the duties and responsibilities of the Brookline Redistricting Committee.

  16. Registrars of Voters

    Gain information on the primary responsibilities of the Registrars of Voters.

  17. Retirement Board

    Review the member serving on the Retirement Board.

  18. Runkle School Building Committee

    View the members that compose the Runkle School Building Committee.