1. Cable Television Advisory Committee

  2. Campaigns Committee

    Gain details about the Campaigns Committee.

  3. CDBG Advisory Committee

    Find out what the Community Development Block Grant Advisory Committee is responsible for.

  4. Celebrations Committee

    Obtain information about the Celebrations Committee and the role they play in the community.

  5. CIMS Oversight Committee

    Gather information about the Critical Infrastructure Monitoring System Oversight Committee.

  6. Climate Action Committee

    Read the Climate Action Plan and view information about the Climate Action Committee.

  7. Diversity Inclusion & Community Relations

    Find information including members, minutes, and more pertaining to the Commission for Diversity Inclusion & Community Relations, the Hidden Brookline Committee, and the Holocaust Memorial Committee.

  8. “Committee of Seven” for Designer Selection

  9. Committee on Town Organization & Structure

    The Committee on Town Organization and Structure (CTO&S) is responsible for making recommendations on all proposed changes in the organization and structure of municipal government in the town.

  10. Complete Streets Task Force

  11. Conservation Commission

    The mission of the Conservation Commission is to promote the proactive administration of environmental laws and policies, open space protection and management, water management, preservation of natural features of the environment, and coordination for joint action with many town bodies.

  12. Coolidge Corner Study Committee

  13. Council on Aging

    Access information about the Council on Aging.

  14. Cypress Acquisition Committee

  15. Davis Path Special District Zoning Study Committee

    The charge of the Davis Path Special District Zoning Study Committee is to review and analyze current conditions, zoning, and parking requirements; design guidelines; shadow studies; and other land use planning tools.

  16. Devotion School Building Committee

    The Devotion School Building Committee is responsible for the general monitoring of the grant application process and to advise the town during the construction of the project.

  17. Diversity, EEO & Affirmative Action

    Learn about the Diversity, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), and Affirmative Action Committee.

  18. Dukakis Recognition Committee

    Get information about the Dukakis Recognition Committee.