1. Advisory Committee

    The primary function of the Advisory Committee is to review and make recommendations on all matters to be considered by town meeting.

  2. Advisory Council on Public Health

    Find information about the council including members, minutes, and more.

  3. Age Friendly Cities Committee

    Access information about the Age Friendly Cities Committee including members, minutes, and the mission of the committee.

  4. Animal Control Training for Police(Article 29)

  5. Audit Committee

    Check out members, minutes, and the mission pertaining to the Audit Committee.

  6. Brookline Commission for Women

    Get information about the Brookline Commission for Women, their mission, and members.

  7. Bicycle Advisory Committee

  8. Bicycle Sharing Committee

    Browse information about the Bicycle Sharing Committee.

  9. Board of Assessors

    Learn more about the responsibilities and members of the Board of Assessors.

  10. Board of Examiners

    Learn more about the Board of Examiners.

  11. Board of Selectmen

    See who serves on the Board of Selectmen in Brookline.

  12. Bottled Water Study Committee

  13. Broadband Monitoring Committee

    The Broadband Monitoring Committee monitors Comcast's and RCN's compliance with the provisions of their licenses to operate cable television franchises in Brookline.

  14. Brookline Commission for the Arts

    The Brookline Commission for the Arts preserves, enriches, and develops the unique cultural characteristics of the Town of Brookline.

  15. Brookline Commission on Disability

    The Brookline Commission on Disability works with the Massachusetts Office on Disability to carry out programs and activities designed to integrate people with disabilities into the community.

  16. Brookline High School Space Study

  17. Brookline Interactive Group

    Read about the Brookline Interactive Group, their mission, and their members.

  18. Brookline Place Advisory Committee

    Peruse through details about the Brookline Place Advisory Committee.

  19. Brookline School Population & Capacity Exploration

    Browse information about the Brookline School Population and Capacity Exploration Committee.

  20. Building Commission

    Obtain details about the Building Commission, their role in the community, and their members.

  21. Building Com. 9th Elementary School at Baldwin

  22. Building Committee for BHS Expansion Project