Commission for Diversity Inclusion & Community Relations


  • Enid Shapiro
    Term Expires: 2019
  • Alex Coleman
    Term Expires: 2018
  • Ernest Frey
    Term Expires: 2017
  • Manny Howard                             Term Expires: 2019
  • Yvette Johnson
    Term Expires: 2019
  • Anthony Naro
    Term Expires: 2018
  • Kelly Race
    Term Expires: 2017
  • Dwaign Tyndal
    Term Expires: 2018
  • Bernard Greene, Selectmen
Indefinite terms end effective with implementation of the revised bylaw.


Support a welcoming environment by encouraging cooperation, tolerance, and respect among and by all persons who come in contact with the Town of Brookline (i.e. visitors, residents, employers, employees etc.) by advancing, promoting and advocating for the human and civil rights of all through education, awareness, outreach and advocacy.

The goal of the Commission is to be instrumental in eliminating discriminatory barriers to work, education and housing opportunities within the Town of Brookline.  It encourages community awareness and understanding of cultural difference through the development of various activities including education programs and cultural events.  The Commission is involved with Town Departments and Commissions to take meaningful steps to increase diversity, inclusion and respect in the Town’s workforce.  Part of this process is to provide consultation to the Chief Diversity Officer and the Diversity, Inclusion and Community Relations Commission to develop an EEO and Affirmative Action Policy.  It is also active in resolving and monitoring discrimination claims and it provides consultation to aggrieved parties.  The Commission also provides oversight regarding program and services that serve Brookline’s Youth. 
Please consult the Town By-Law (3.14.3) for a complete understanding of the Commission’s responsibilities. 

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.
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