Zoning By-Law Committee

  • Kenneth  Goldstein
  • Carla Wyman Benka
    Advisory Committee
  • Roger F. Blood
    Housing Advisory Board
  • Cliff Brown
    Economic Development Advisory Board
  • Paula K. Friedman
    Citizen Representative
  • Jesse Geller
    Zoning Board of Appeals
  • Linda Hamlin
    Planning Board
  • Marian Lazar
    Conservation Commission
  • Linda Leary
    Planning Board
  • Sean M. Lynn-Jones
    Brookline Neighborhood Alliance
  • Merelice
    Brookline Neighborhood Alliance
  • Linda Olson Pehlke
  • Paul Saner
    Economic Development Advisory Board
  • Mark Zarillo                   Planning Board
  • Mark Zuroff
    Zoning Board of Appeals
The Zoning By-Law Committee will provide:
  • A forum for town residents, businesses, boards, commissions, and departments to present and discuss potential Zoning ByLaw amendments for possible submission to the town meeting
  • Review and make recommendations to the Planning Board on any zoning amendments submitted for town meeting action
  • Review and make recommendations to the Planning Board on the zoning amendment warrant articles referred by the town meeting for further study