Region 4b Emergency Preparedness & Medical Reserve

Massachusetts Emergency Preparedness Region 4b
To appropriately address regional public health threats, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health has divided the state into 7 regions and apportioned funds accordingly. Brookline is located in Region 4B, which is comprised of 27 communities and a total population of 980,000 people located throughout the Boston metropolitan area.

Designated health department staff members from each community meet monthly to strengthen the regions collective capacity to effectively respond to emergencies.

For the past 5 years the region’s planning efforts have been tested when the communities of Brookline, Belmont, Arlington, Newton, and Watertown have worked together to host sub-regional flu clinics to vaccinate residents, including many children and families.

Additional Information

For a schedule of clinic dates and additional information, please visit the Community Health Flu Vaccinations page (Flu clinics are only offered during flu season). Please visit the Region 4b website to learn more about Emergency Preparedness and how you can participate.

Medical Reserve Corps

The Brookline Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is part of the National MRC program that was founded by the federal government shortly after September 11, 2001. The national system brings together people who have skills related to health care as well as residents with other skills. MRC members serve as a team during times of emergency or need in their own community.

The Brookline MRC members are trained and prepared to respond to emergencies and provide education, outreach, and various health services throughout the year. They function as part of their local emergency preparedness teams. MRC units supplement existing emergency and public health resources and agencies such as local public health, fire, police, and ambulance services. The result is a collaborative effort that is prepared for large scale public health crises.

The Town of Brookline Department of Public Health continues to recruit, train, mobilize, and coordinate a group of community-based volunteers, known as the Medical Reserve Corps, who can serve during a local emergency health situation and assist with local public health needs throughout the year.

Please see the Brookline Medical Reserve Corps website for additional information and an application.