Equipment Maintenance

Functions & Responsibilities
The Equipment Maintenance Division's functions and responsibilities are to:
  • Assist in drafting specifications for new apparatus and equipment
  • Develop and perform preventative maintenance programs
  • Develop driver training programs
  • Handle any mechanical problems with self-contained breathing apparatus, engines, or ladder trucks
  • Maintain records relating to stock purchases, apparatus, and inventory
  • Repair and maintain the department's apparatus and related equipment such as hoses, fittings, self-contained breathing apparatus, emergency tools, and appliances
  • Respond to all multiple alarm fires
Division Goal
The goal of the Maintenance Division is to ensure that the Fire Department's fleet of 25 vehicles and the department's emergency equipment are in working condition at all times so that a reliable and rapid response to emergencies is assured.

Maintenance Shop
To deliver these services and goals a maintenance shop is housed at Fire Station 1 and is staffed by 1 master mechanic and 1 general mechanic.