Gateway East Plan & Route 9 Corridor

Gateway East

Update - 4.27.17

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation held its 25% Design Public Hearing on April 26, 2017.  See the presentation from the meeting here

Update - 4.10.17

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation will hold a 25% Design Public Hearing for the Gateway East project on April 26, 2017 at 7 PM in Room 103 at Brookline Town Hall.  

It is expected that the Gateway East project will retain its position in Federal Fiscal Year 2018 in the Boston Region MPO's Transportation Improvement Program.  

The Town will need to acquire the necessary property rights for the construction, operation and maintenance of the roadway improvements proposed in the Gateway East project. Preliminary Right-of-Way Plans for the project can be seen here.    

Update - 9.15.16

Revised 25% Design Plans for the Gateway East project have been submitted to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.  

It is expected that MassDOT will conduct at 25% Design Public Hearing in the the months ahead.  

Update - 5.10.2016:

The Brookline Board of Selectmen voted to authorize town
staff to submit revised 25% design plans to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.  It is expected that MassDOT will conduct a 25% Design Public Hearing in summer 2016.  There will be more information and public outreach after a date for the hearing is finalized.  

See a concept of the revised 25% design that was presented to the Board of Selectmen here.     
The Gateway East project has received a Federal Fiscal Year 2017 funding slot on the Boston region MPO's Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).  The MPO is currently in the process of programming the FY 2017-2021 TIP, and it is possible the project may be moved back a year from 2017 to 2018.   Project review by MassDOT will again resume once a revised 25% design filing is submitted to MassDOT in early June 2016.   

Town/MassDOT Public Meetings: 

The Town of Brookline and MassDOT collaborated on a public process to revisit 25% plans in order to explore enhanced bicycle and pedestrian accommodation.  You can see a summary of that process here.

Presentations from 12.3.14 Public Meeting

Presentation from 5.13.15 Public Meeting

Presentation from 7.23.15 Transportation Board Meeting

Previous Process: 

Initial 25% Design Plans -- Submitted to the  MA Dept. of Transportation in January 2012.

Initial Gateway East 25% Plans

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