Commercial Development

[Last updated August 15, 2016]

As identified in the Brookline Comprehensive Plan 2005-2015, "new commercial development is a powerful resource for allowing the town to maintain and improve its public services and facilities." Commercial developments are taxed at a higher rate (presently 73% more) than residential development, and commercial developments generally require fewer services than residential developments.

New mixed-use and commercial developments are encouraged at infill sites within our existing commercial districts as well as the Route 9 corridor (Boylston Street). Specifically, the Economic Development Advisory Board is now actively working on the River Road Study Committee (area between Brookline Avenue, Washington Street, and River Road), and will soon be focusing again on the Waldo-Durgin garage area in Coolidge Corner. Proposition 2 1/2 limits the revenue that local government can generate from existing property taxes to 2.5% annually. Without new tax growth, the Town of Brookline is facing future structural budget deficits.

Circle Cinema Theatre Redevelopment

Link to the Circle Cinema Theatre Project Webpage  

Boylston Street (Route 9) Corridor

River Road Study Committee

On August 12, 2016, Claremont Hotels, LLC opened a 130-room, limited service hotel at 111 Boylston Street, known as the former Red Cab site. This site had formerly been vacant for over 15 years.

Following years of delay, Boston Children's Hospital (BCH) presented new plans in September 2013 for the proposed redevelopment of 2-4 Brookline Place. Following a rezoning process through study by the Brookline Place Advisory Committee and positive Spring 2014 Town Meeting votes, BCH permitting is completed with the Planning Board, Design Advisory Team, and Board of Appeals. Stay up to date with the latest information regarding the construction phase via the Brookline Place Information Blog.

10 Brookline Place Expansion

10 Brookline Place celebrated the grand opening of its 18,000-square-feet expansion in May 2011. This expansion is 2 of Brookline's largest employers, the New England Institute of Art and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. This Economic Development Advisory Board-supported development was constructed in multiple phases and includes a new seating space adjacent and south of the Brookline Village MBTA Station, bringing in over $180,000 of new commercial tax revenue to the Town.