Brookline Comprehensive Plan

Brookline Comprehensive Plan 2005-2015

Comprehensive Plan 2005-2015

The Brookline Comprehensive Plan serves as the road map for the town's future. It serves as a guiding tool for actions of the town as well as the town's official comprehensive, or master, plan under Massachusetts General Laws chapter 41, sections 81D.

The Comprehensive Plan was the product of over 2 years of work by the Comprehensive Plan Committee and members of the public. It consists of 3 parts:
  • "Issues and Opportunities" reports that provide background information in a variety of topics, from transportation to housing to schools
  • The Comprehensive Plan itself, outlining three key elements for the town's future and other subjects usually included in a Comprehensive Plan
  • An appendix providing supplemental information

Action Plan

In addition, the Comprehensive Plan process has led to the development of an Action Plan that outlines the who, what, where, when, and why of implementing the recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan. If you have any questions about the Comprehensive Plan process, please contact Jeff Levine at 617-730-2128.

Brookline Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan Reports

Issues & Opportunities Reports