Recreational Marijuana Information

This page provides information regarding recreational marijuana in Brookline. 

A list of public meetings can be found within the "Upcoming Meetings" tab located on the left-hand side of this page. The public is encouraged to attend any of these public meetings.

Draft versions of the proposed General and Zoning By-laws for consideration this Annual Town Meeting can be found here: May 2018 Annual Town Meeting Marijuana-Related Warrant Articles (WAs 17-22) 

Additional reading material and proposed maps can be found under the "Additional Resources" tab.

For additional information about the recreational marijuana law and regulation of recreational marijuana at the State level, visit:

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 94G, “Regulation of the Use and Distribution of Marijuana Not Medically Prescribed,”

Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (CNB),

  1. Francisco Torres

    Economic Development & Long-Term Planner

  2. Ashley Clark

    Planner & Zoning Coordinator