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Hybrid Pay-As-You-Throw (HPAYT) Waste Collection System 
Brookline property owners, landlords, and property managers are responsible for placing an order for new waste carts for each building they maintain.

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HPAYT Pricing Structure
Subscribers will continue to receive quarterly bills. Rather than require every subscriber to pay the same flat rate of $200 per year, HPAYT services will be billed based on the choice of three (3) different sizes of waste carts. Subscribers are required to choose at least one cart for every property. 
Please note: Any number and combination of waste carts may be selected to meet tenant needs at a multi-unit property; however, there is a minimum per unit cost of $190 (equal to the cost of one [1] 35 gallon waste cart). If the combined cost of all waste carts ordered for a multi-unit dwelling is less than the per-unit minimum of $190 per year, the higher cost will be charged. 

Subscribers choose from three (3) cart sizes
  • 35 gallon (holds 3 kitchen bags); $190 annually
  • 65 gallon (holds 6 kitchen bags); $252 annually
  • 95 gallon (holds 10 kitchen bags); $312 annually
Purple overflow bags are available for times when waste exceeds cart capacity
  • 30 gallon; $15 for 5 bags
  • Sold in local stores

Single-Unit Properties
Order one (1) waste cart for the property.
  • The annual refuse rate will be equal to the cost of the single waste cart chosen.
‚ÄčMulti-Unit Properties
If ordering one (1) waste cart for each unit, and all waste carts ordered will be the same size:
  • Multiply the annual per cart cost by the number of carts ordered to determine the Annual Building Rate.
If ordering one (1) waste cart for each unit, and the waste carts will be ordered in multiple sizes:
  1. Multiply the annual cost per cart (for each cart size) by the number of carts ordered (for each cart size).
  2. Take the total costs per cart size, and add them together. This is your Annual Building Rate.
If ordering fewer waste carts than there are units in the building: 
  1. Determine the Minimum Annual Rate for the building by multiplying the number of units by $190.
    For example: A 3 unit building (3 units) x $190 = $570
  2. Determine the Alternate Calculation by multiplying the total quantity of each cart size ordered (such as one [1] 35 gallon cart and one [1] 95 gallon cart), and adding those totals together. 
    For example: (1 x $190) + (1 x $312) = $502 per year
  3. Compare the Minimum Annual Rate to the Alternate Calculation. The higher rate will be the Annual Building Rate. 
    In this example, the Minimum Annual Rate is the higher rate, so the Annual Building Rate is $570 beginning July 1, 2017. In this case, the property would save $30 per year over the rate assessed under the current refuse collection program.
Multi-Unit Fee Calculator
Click on the blue Multi-Unit Fee Calculator button to download an easy to use excel template. Simply input the quantity of carts ordered and the number of units in the building, and the calculation will complete automatically.  
Be sure to click on the yellow "Enable Editing" notification at the top of Excel before entering any data.
Click here for a PDF Version (without automatic calculations).

Multi-Unit Fee Calculator

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