Hybrid Pay-As-You-Throw (HPAYT) Waste Collection System 
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Brookline DPW is pleased to announce HPAYT is coming to town in May 2017
HPAYT is a system where customers select a waste cart based on their household’s refuse output. If a customer has more trash than their cart can hold, prepaid, plastic overflow bags, imprinted with the Town seal, will be available for purchase at local retail establishments. This program is successfully utilized, and celebrated, in municipalities across the country.

HPAYT Timeline

HPAYT Pricing Structure

Subscribers will continue to receive quarterly bills. Rather than require every subscriber to pay the same flat rate of $200 per year, HPAYT services will be billed based on their choice of three (3) different sizes of waste carts. Subscribers are required to choose at least one cart. 

Choosing a Waste Cart
Subscribers to Town refuse collection must choose a cart by March 10, 2017. 
To select a waste cart, simply click on the blue Choose Your Waste Cart button to the left of your screen. Clicking on the image redirects to a web form. Be sure to have your account number available. You will receive an email confirming your choices. 

Frequently Asked Questions
A list of questions and answers is accessible by clicking on the blue Frequently Asked Questions button located in the upper left quadrant of this webpage. If you have additional questions of concerns, please call the DPW at (617) 730-2156.